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Hi I’m Tristan Petrie and I live and breathe skateboarding.
my bio

I started skating when I was ten. I didn’t think i could actually do it at first because i could never stay on it long enough to have fun. I soon got better and started longboarding, the one thing I could actually do because I knew how to stand and push. Around this time was school so I kind of kept it to myself. My mom found a kid friendly environment skatepark called Daniel Dhers action sports complex. Within the first two weeks I had my drop in and axel stall mastered, it was at this moment where I realized I was a fast learner.

That was two years ago, and now I can drop in on ten feet of ramp and axel stall 7ft. I competed in my first competition in the summer of 2017. I got 5th overall out of twelve people in the competition. I have owned many skateboards from when I first started and out of the seven that I’ve owned and still own I still liked Revive and Element skateboards the best mainly because of the feel of them.


Over the past year and a half I have learned these tricks:

ollie, frontside-180, shuv-it, pop shuv-it, boardslide, 50-50 grind, 5-o grind, drop in up to 11ft, frontside air, blunt to rock, nose stall, tail stall, rock to fakie, fakie rock and roll, rock and roll, switch drop in, disaster, boneless, firecracker, blunt to fakie, 180 air, drop in 16ft mega, boheman air, powerslide, tail slide, indie grab, melon grab, blunt slide, fingerflip, boneless flip, boneless 180, manuel, nose manuel, caveman, fingerflip caveman, and a kickturn.


I am a vegan. I skate for almost 2-3 hours everyday trying to roll away with new tricks. I made my own grind rail out of wood and metal, but I still prefer the park.

I whistle while I skate (even during competitions) to make up for when there’s no music playing. You can always hear me on the course.

I am a 7th grader at Ligon Gifted and Talented Middle School. I am a straight A student and have been since 1st grade. I listen to classic rock which helps me get pumped when I skate.I am an adrenaline junkie, I’m always doing things to get my blood pumping that’s why I love skating Mega ramps. My dream car is a classic,15 window, air-cooled, VW kombi bus(white on red).  

I am hoping to make it to the X-Games to compete someday!!!!


I am hoping to get sponsored by some of the skate brands I love the most so I can keep skating. This would help me a lot, since I go through a lot of boards, bearings, and shoes!!! My mom said that she should invest in Van’s stock. Also, Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex (DDASC) costs monthly to keep my membership. There are also competitions I want to enter, but not many in my state (NC), so looking to sponsors to help me make it happen.

been skating since

June 2016


2017 Bangers and Smash Tour

I love skating at different parks, but getting air at DDASC is my favorite. I love doing insane stuff, because DDASC features me a lot in their posts.

And I am just as competitive at school…

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