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Identifying opportunities for competitive advantage

Competitive Landscape Analysis & Positioning
  • Analysis of the client’s website to determine leveragable brand assets

  • Review of pertinent marketing touchpoints that customers have with your product or services (includes printed materials, ads, etc…)

  • Research into the client’s industry sector to locate disruptors, trends, visual norms, content, and best-use examples

  • Competitive visual comparison (side-by-side) analysis of you and your top 8-10 competitor’s websites to identify brand distinction opportunities in color, typography, tone of messaging, photography style, and iconography

Creative Strategy

Growing Brand Equity with a New Visual Blueprint
  • Competitive color palette recommendations and usage with the logo & tagline

  • Approaches for the identity and visual treatment of the brand

Creative Strategy

Creating Meaning with Concepts that Tie into the Visual Brand
  • Creating memorability around the logo concept & mission

  • Identifying your product and brand to the audience personas


Brand Memorability — Visual Concepts that Tie into the Brand
  • Using unique visuals that create memorable distinction from competitors and link to the brand and logo

  • Developing assets that are not mistaken for a competitor

  • Utilizing a messaging tone that speaks in line with the personas


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