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Illustrating in Low Poly
Digital Cubism: Polygon Faceting

Polygon Faceting and Manipulation in DMesh and Illustrator



Artist’s have been deconstructing subjects into the most basic pieces of light and color since the beginning of art history. There’s something amazing about it.


Low-poly art takes us back to the work of artists like Alexander Rodchenko and Lyubov Popova, who were pioneers of creating pieces of Constructivism (an art movement with focus on an object’s construction instead of creating a traditional art composition) — and the work of Cubists like Pablo Picasso, who abandoned traditional realism and perspective.

While the medium of low-poly is created entirely digitally, the art of ‘seeing’ is in full practice —  objects are mentally deconstructed, visually broken up, and reassembled in an abstract form. The art is in creating a piece using low-poly’s fragmentation and non-rectilinear shapes to relay how light hits an object, what its made of, and its elemental shape.

Maybe we find ourselves drawn to low-poly because we live in an era now where screen resolutions have reached ‘retina’ status, and HD imaging in photography and film is the standard. It’s yet another rebellion to the modern era of digital realism.

Created with DMesh Pro, Illustrator and Photoshop CC
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