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The Intangible Success Factors of Lead-Generation

Strategies to Increase Lead Generation and Engagement

When proposing a course of action for our clients, we often create a 10,000 foot overview of our recommendations for improving site performance based on a brief analysis of their backend Google Analytics data. (A sampling to the right are a few pages from an undisclosed client who would benefit from some simple SEO and landing page strategies.)

Most companies utilize their online presence (social media, website…) as the main engine for their marketing decisions. Why? We love data. Unlike traditional print and advertising media, it’s measurable. It’s real-time. It doesn’t lie. It isn’t subjective. If A+B=C, then C+B=A? Right?

Maybe, maybe not.

Uncontested, facts and figures do give great insight into next steps for marketing decisions. But while they determine a problem to fix, a number to increase, or a behavior to encourage, they can’t give us the ‘how’ portion. They are only one (necessary) part of the growth equation. Don’t become too formulaic with them.


“When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion.“

— Dale Carnegie


Getting insight into the truth of about how consumers are engaging (or not) with content also lies in understanding what is driving their behavior (fear, hope, exclusiveness, love, hate, empathy, etc…). In essence, psychology — the unmeasurable part of the equation. 

Our first consideration isn’t necessarily how to get their site to perform, but how do we want users to perform and identify with the brand? These would seemingly be the same thing, but they aren’t. How does a (product/service) improve or change their life? Make them feel? There is always a motive. Tap into that, and you have engagement.

You can redesign or move modules, rework UI elements, increase the number of user-capture forms, or change aesthetic, but your marketing strategy should always include psychology as well. Although its intangible, it is very real. 

We help our clients understand where they stand by the numbers and give roadmaps for increasing their online engagement through marketing strategies that include brand aesthetic and emotional connection.

Strategy =
Let the numbers drive the design, and let emotion drive the connection.

It’s a start, but if you’re strategy is derived only from the numbers, you’ll have an unbalanced equation.

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