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Client    Phononic    
Project   Silverpoint Portal UI  
Agency   Mellonaid


Phononic’s solid-state, compressor-less refrigeration technology is the first to disruptive innovation since the first vapor-compression system was built in 1834. The Phononic  game-changers aren’t just ‘marketing’ when they claim it will change the world.

From product naming, UI design, marketing materials, tradeshow exhibits, packaging, and various other brand materials, we helped them roll everything out to market. More to come on our site about our work for them.


user-interface  /  product naming   /  supporting graphics

Monitoring vaccines, medications and other sensitive materials is crucial to pharmaceutical and medical applications. Phononic equipped their refrigerators with 24/7 wifi connected temperature monitoring and data logging using their SilverPoint remote software.

We collaborated with the Phononic engineering team to create a UI that would help users visually interpret and control their crucial data — system-wide or on an individual basis. This included audible and visual alerts of temperatures, door ajar and other system events, data log readings and reports.

UI Stylesheet
Evolve Portal UI — Data Visualization of Temperature Monitoring